Sunday, February 1, 2009

i wanna be with a rock'n'roll girl

i woke up this morning to see paul collins (of the paul collins beat/nerves) walking out of my bathroom with a towel tied around his waist, bare-chested, holding a mug of coffee and exclaiming, "ahhhhhhhhhhh!" like he was just waking up from the most comfortable nap of his life.

i don't know why but this kinda felt like i was watching a movie instead of living my life. it was similar to the time i got up in the morning and jeffrey novak (jeffrey novak one man band/the rat traps/cheap time) was walking through my house in his underwear. or the night i drove a minivan full of the blowtops singing the "strawberry shortcake" theme song - in unison - at the top of their lungs. or when i sat around eating popcorn and watching "peewee's playhouse" with holy shit! and i could still hear tony laughing in the living room even after i went to bed in my room. i could go on, but i won't. i don't mean to sound like a nerd, but sometimes for one minute, i forget that these people are just ordinary dudes like me. music just so happens to be my thing in life, but you can apply this to whatever hobby or interest is your favorite. if you were really into movies and woke up one morning to see samuel l. jackson laying on your couch all tucked in with your pink hello kitty blanket, you would understand. for a split second (or maybe even longer?) it would have to seem fake.

when stuff like this happens, the little voice in my head asks, "really?!?" and i have to supress a secret smile. i don't mean for this to come out sounding 'starstruck' or whatever you want to call it, because in a lot of cases these are people i would say i'm actually friends with. that doesn't mean there aren't moments when it seems surreal to be thrift shopping with nobunny or pretending to be in the band with vee dee so i could get into the rock hall for free. does this make sense? my passion for music is so intense that sometimes it seems somehow bigger than me, or out of my league. this is hard to articulate and i think i give up trying. still, it isn't every day that you accidentally walk in on paul collins changing into his pajama pants. oops.

i had an amazing time at the show we went to last night. short rabbits and uncle scratch's gospel revival represented cleveland as opening bands and i think paul made a good choice when booking them. gentleman jesse and his men were excellent and damn near played the entire new album. it sounded exactly like you were listening to the record, only bigger. like you were listening to the record through headphones the size of manhole covers.


paul collins played next, with gentleman jesse and his men backing him and acting as "the beat." it was fun. i never really thought i would see people enjoying a powerpop show in cleveland like that. it kept making me want to dance with josh and kiss his fucking face. but i didn't because that would have been cheesy. i also never expected to hear "walking out on love" live and it sounded so good to my heart. you know how sometimes you are so happy to experience something that it feels like your heart is smiling? like your heart kinda wants to explode? yeah, i love it when that happens, and this was one of those time. standing there holding hands with the cutest boy in the world and seeing paul collins perform "walking out on love" right before my eyes. i took a mental snapshot. i collect those.


i also dj'ed between bands, and i got more compliments in one night than all the times i've dj'ed at now that's class combined. it makes me feel like i can throw a good party (which is one of the most important things in life, i do believe). some kid i didn't know even blew me a kiss, which i rank right up there with the high fives and "everything you're playing is FUCKING AWESOME!" now, on to the next order of business: getting cleveland to dance.


after the show me and josh had a pajama & pasta party with paul collins, the men, and gentleman jesse (who is every bit the gentleman as his name implies, proven when i caught him washing my dishes for me in the morning). we sat around listening to wesley willis records and talking about the '70s when paul used to play at the old pirate's cove in the flats. everyone was so nice that i won't hold it against them for drinking weird tea that looked like it had potatoes floating in it.
(disclaimer: everyone was getting over the flu. and it was slices of ginger. not potato. but still.)

before we went to bed, i got mad at josh because he was a little bit drunk and he thought it was funny to keep poking me in the butt with a fork. i told him to stop and he kept doing it. i punched him and apparently didn't realize my own strength (or, more likely, he was DRUNK) and he stumbled backwards and stepped into the cats water bowl, spilling it all over the kitchen floor. it was actually hilarious but i did not think so at 4am. that also reminds me that the other day josh held my foot and licked it repeatedly and i became so traumatized that i forced him to use mouthwash immediately and i almost cried.

it was so gross.

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